Project BBio - Sustainable development of border areas through conservation of indigenous breeds and the establishment of gene-centers in Buhovo and Biokovo.

Opening of the Educational and Information Centre for Preservation of the Autochthonous Breeds in the Biokovo Nature Park


Opening of the Educational and Information Centre for Preservation of the Autochthonous Breeds in the Biokovo Nature Park


Educational and Information Centre for the Preservation of the Autochthonous Breeds of the Biokovo Nature Park is located at the Ravna vlaška locality in the vicinity of existing “Ravna vlaška” information centre situated at 1228 meters above sea level with a vantage point which is visited by more than 40 000 visitors per year.

In addition to the islands of central Adriatic, during sunny days with bora wind, a view can reach all the way to the shores of neighbouring Italy. The Centre has an object for housing of autochthonous breeds “barn”, pen for the animals and educational circular trail. An old military facility with an area of 40 m2 was renovated through this project and repurposed as a barn for housing show examples of autochthonous breeds, the role they played in history and culture of the people from this region, primarily Biokovo, and why it is important to preserve them. The circular trail passes around the animal pen and visitors can take pictures of Busha cattle, Littoral-Dinaric donkey and other breeds in their natural environment of Biokovo next to a small sink-hole with a fish-pond. Children will have an opportunity to spend time with the animals, and adults can buy authentic souvenirs made out of wool, stone, wood or products such as Busha cheese, Biokovo honey etc. The idea behind the BBio project is to present to the visitors autochthonous animals in their natural environment with a beautiful view in order to raise awareness on the importance of the preservation of animals as well as Biokovo as a whole. 

Visitors who enjoy adventure can hike on the “Srdivice” educational trail which is a continuation of the existing walking trail “Putevima drevne Berulije” and which thus forms a circular trail starting from the Gornja Brela information centre, and is located in the vicinity of the neglected old Sridvice pasture. Through BBio project an educational walking trail was improved with three educational tables which show a map of Sridvica with walking trails plotted on the map and they educate the visitors on the nomadic cattle breeding and the importance of agricultural and biological diversity in preservation of pastures and sustainable development of Biokovo.



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